Nathan D. Markley

First Autistic Vlogger and Rhode Island's Tech Geek

Nathan D. Markley - Official Website Change Log

==v.0.1.0a (rel. 1-1-18)==
* "Launch" version
* Created whole new site using bootstrap
* Moved site to free web hosting service x10hosting

==v.0.1.1a (rel. 2-11-18)==
* Updated must watch video so it fills the whole section
* removed contact form
* Moved Google map up where contact form was
* Created a JS file, all JS Scripts in this file and added link on index file
* Fixed issue (added some JS) with mobile menu when click on link it did not close when moved down the page

==v0.2.0a (rel. 2-13.18)==
* Changed some text in about section
* Removed text '(RIPIN)', and added more interests
* Updated footer display to add link to change log

==v0.2.1a (rel. 2-19-18)==
* Replaced Markley Enterprises with The Nathan Markley Company in about section and footer copyright
* Replaced links from Markley Enterprises to The Nathan Markley Company
* fixed 404 page

==v0.2.2a (rel. 2-20-18)==
* Added new font awesome CSS style link, version 5
* Added link to blog
* changed contact email address to nathan's personal email
* added linkedin link to contact section of site

==v0.2.3a (rel. 2-24-2018)==
* Changed button style CSS
* Added title tags to links and buttons for better web accessibility
* Started to make site better for web accessibility

==v0.3.0a (rel. 3-2-2018)==
* Removed map and location from contact section
* changed/updated about section
* centered email address and social media links in the contact section
* added more videos to portfolio
* changed color of links when hover over them to dark blue

==v0.3.1a (rel. 3-23-2018)==
* Removed linkedin logo and link
* Added Twitch logo and link to channel

==v0.3.2a (rel. 3-24-2018)==
* removed store link

==v0.4.0a (rel. 4-22-2018)==
* Created Apps page to showcase all apps that I made
* Updated nav bar links to include apps page

==v0.4.1a (rel. 4-30-2018)==
* Created podcast page for The Nathan Markley Show
* edited nav links

==v0.5.0a (rel. 7-7-2018)==
* Created portfolio dropdown in nav bar with link to pages for movies, apps, and photography
* Created a 'Movies by Nathan' page
* Made a portfolio page, as just a landing page that has links to the pages apps, movies and photography. And removed the portfolio section from the homepage
* Updated about section


Feel free to contact me for any reason, and I will get back to you within 24 hours.